Arikmetics is born!

Welcome to my blog.  What is Arikmetics?  It is a platform to discuss the current and future strategies of Arik AirWings of Nigeria” towards becoming the leading airline in Africa.   I will discuss different topics, and specific proposals,  geared to propel the young airline forward to become the undisputed African global airline leader.  I would also like to emphasize that I am not affiliated to Arik Air in any way, directly or indirectly.

Arik Air is only three years old, yet currently operates 31 aircraft to a wide network of 30 destinations in Nigeria, West Africa, South Africa, the UK, and the US.   Fasten your seatbelt, it will be an exciting flight!

Finally, please email me ( your own thoughts about Arik Air’s current and future strategies.  I also welcome passengers’ opinions provided it is somewhat constructive and might discuss the issues raised in my blog.

Thank you for your interest.



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5 responses to “Arikmetics is born!

  1. Tony Williams


    Could you give us a small bio, and why your interest in Arik. Are you a company employee?

    Love the pics,


  2. ik

    is arik air flying from abuja to enugu on the 25th of december 2009? why cant i buy tickets from your office when the time table says I can fly by 10:15 that day. if there are no flights, please indicate so on your flight schedule/ please!!!!!

    • ik, this is not an Arik Air website. This is just a blog, discussing Arik…You will find a link to Arik Arik on the right side of this screen. Good luck! PS. Let us know how your Arik flight went here. A simple “Arik review form” will be available soon.

  3. baba

    Apart from new plans what esle can Arik do for Nigerian- Americans you have your work cut out Arik.Hope Sundaram read the information that I shared with him last Nov.Bloging is a start America is a different beast than England you guys will find out.Goodluck

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