Hallelujah! Over 40 Additional Flights through Christmas…


Personally, I predict passengers will be truly jubilating when the issue of inadequate terminal facilities in Lagos is addressed and approached with a sense urgency. The GAT Terminal, from which Arik operates, is both outdated and under-sized!   It is not in par with the image which Arik aims to project. It is sincerely hoped that all the parties involved (Arik, FAAN, and Bi-Courtney) will work together to upgrade facilities as soon as possible.



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9 responses to “Hallelujah! Over 40 Additional Flights through Christmas…

  1. Emeka I.

    I would agree that focus should now be on their terminal. I don’t see why they should be prevented from building their own facility. Competition with Bi-Courtney will only benefit the consumer as each operator battles for customers.

  2. Emeka,

    I think it’s easy to simplify the matter and argue for competition. However, Bi-Courtney had signed a contract with the government for exclusive rights to process domestic flights. This is not unheard of in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects.

    However, the matter appears to be in a state of legal limbo and no one knows for sure what’s going on. I just believe Arik owes it to its passengers to resolve this matter as quickly as possible. They need to be more transparent and honest with the public.

    Best regards,

    • Emeka I.

      True there is an agreement, however in it’s current state, Ariks expansion plans are easily controlled by an external party. Currently there isn’t enough capacity existing, The govt. needs to draw out a master plan for the airport and clearly spell out the expansion nrequirements.

      Personally I believe the agreement with Bi-Courtney was a mistake and nothing short of renegotiating a new contract will solve the issue at hand.

  3. The eventual exit window for all 3 parties remains a holistic legal, commercial, and political resolution of this GAT dispute. A winner takes all approach, which sadly the said parties are succumbing to will only continue to deter investors (in other sectors as well). What’s the point behind boarding a fresh-from-the-factory, smart looking, new-smelling aircraf from a WW2 standards building? It’s mind-boggling.

  4. @Emeka,

    The agreement may have been a mistake by the government. However, to project a friendly image to investors, the government must resolve this dispute in a WIN-WIN fashion. Perhaps Arik can partner Bi-Courtney in some form of joint venture to build an adjacent, large terminal with the necessary capacity to accomodate Arik’s future plans (20+ aviobridges). I don’t understand the severe animosity between Bi- and Arik and it was never explained properly to the public. There seems to be a lack of transparency. The parties can’t continue this dispute while the traveling public pays the price of slow decision making.

    • Emeka I.

      Not to say this is the reason for the animosity, but Alex Van Elk leaving the top job at Arik to head MMA2 might not be unconnected?

  5. Emeka,

    For the Sir to threaten ‘to move to another country’ before Arik operates from any Bi-Courtney facility does seem extreme and I doubt a probable ‘poaching’ of Alex van Elk had anything to do with it. Is he still around at MMA2?

    • Emeka I.

      Extreme, I would agree. Though not the most diplomatic approach, we also have to consider who they targeted with such a threat. Nigerian govt. is also learning to be diplomatic in their ways. Their destruction of Nigerian Eagle (at the time Virgin Nigeria) business class lounge shows they still have a long way to go.

  6. I doubt Mr. van Elk is still around MM2, but I could be mistaken. A cult of personalities is destructive to the aviation industry. A blog on MM2 / GAT coming soon.

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