“I could only pay cash, no credit cards”

Passenger Review by:  A. Adesanya

I flew Arik Air to Lagos on December 16th 2009, from New York, JFK International Airport. I must confess, my first experience was not the best considering ticket purchase procedure and check in problems. I had an excess luggage and I was told  I could only pay cash, no credit cards.

Other than those two issues, the flight was wonderful, very generous space, seats were very nice and comfortable, and the crew was very friendly even though I did not get the Premier class upgrade I demanded.

We arrived Lagos ahead of schedule and I was well rested on arrival.
My return trip to New York was on 29th December from Lagos and it was the best flight I have been on in a long time, considering I fly as least 3 times a year.

Arik has started on a very good note, keep up the good work and improve on the business side.

The sky is the limit!



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3 responses to ““I could only pay cash, no credit cards”

  1. Nat

    Up to this time, ARIK has been pretty savvy with technology but someone forgot to tell them that the US is almost a cashless society. You can not operate without a credit card unlike the strictly cash-only nigeria which arik is used to. Mr. Adesanya, I am not surprised.

    I called the ARIK call center to enquire about a hypotetical travel to Nigeria. They can take the reservation but the transaction will only be complete after the receipt of photocopies of drivers license, and front and back of the credit card. This practice was done 15- 20 years ago and I guess it is still done by the “mum and pop” travel businesses Arik may be depending on the the US. Absolutely, no way I will honor the request.

    BTW, is the in-flight shopping by cash only transaction?

    ARIK need to insure the reservation and ticketing transactions can be completed online.

    I have suggested using established online websites like Travelocity and Expedia. As they say when you are in Rome, do as the Romans.

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