Arik Air Carried 4 Million Passengers

Arik Air Flies to 31 destinations

Arik Air Press Release:

Number of passengers carried during Xmas/New Year  jumps to 42% over previous year

Arik Air,  today announced that it has carried a cumulative total of four million passengers since the airline’s launch at the end of October 2006. Arik Air also announced that it carried 42% more guests during the period 21 December 2009 through 3 January 2010 compared with the same period a year earlier.

Arik Air’s Managing Director, Mr Jason Holt, said this development speaks volumes about the investment, experience and skill that have driven the airline to the position it occupies today – Nigeria’s most important commercial airline, West Africa’s largest and one of Africa’s fastest growing.

Mr Holt continued: “In November 2009, Arik Air launched the first non-stop flights in a decade by a Nigerian carrier between Lagos and New York, re-connecting Nigeria’s commercial hub with one of the world’s foremost centres for international business.

The airline also launched its first long haul services from Abuja to London Heathrow and expanded services between Nigeria and West Coast markets. At the end of October 2009, when the airline celebrated its third anniversary, Arik Air had carried three and half million guests and just two months later, that figure has risen by half a million. Arik Air has been the success story of Nigerian commercial aviation.

That is set to continue and there is much to achieve. During 2010, the airline plans to expand its market share in Nigeria to 66 percent, up from the current 40 percent and expects to carry six million guests by the end of the year.”

Arik Air’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mr Suraj Sundaram explained that one factor contributing to the increase in the number of guests carried at the end of 2009 was the airline’s response to the high level of seasonal demand before and after the Christmas and New Year holiday period. “Offering services to 22 destinations within Nigeria, Arik Air was able to bring more Nigerian families together during the festive season than any other carrier.

The special Christmas flight program that commenced from Monday, December 21, 2009 saw an increase in capacity from our two hubs of Lagos and Abuja, to Enugu, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Benin, Warri and Calabar. Arik Air also provided additional capacity and extra flights to bring guests back to Lagos and Abuja after the Christmas and New Year festivities.”

Mr Sundaram added: “The increased capacity meant that the airline operated a total of 1,169 flights between December 21, 2009 and January 3, 2010 representing a 20 percent increase over the same period in the preceding year. Allowing for regular flights and the additional flights, Arik Air carried a total of 75,687 guests during the festive season, 42% more than during the same period a year earlier.”



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7 responses to “Arik Air Carried 4 Million Passengers

  1. These are impressive figures indeed. I am curious though to find out about their yearly traffic figures as opposed to cumulative numbers since they launched operations in 2006.

    Increasing their market share from 40% to 66% during 2010 is a big challenge which will require them to continue increasing their aircraft utilization, in addition to recruiting more flight and cabin crew!

    Interesting times indeed for the Wings of Nigeria!

  2. paul taylor

    Well Arik Air is certainly going from the mouse in the field of African Aviation to the Lion that is roaring. The patronage of the Nigerian People will hopefully make the company grow.
    I frankly think Arik Air could be to West Africa what Westjet is to Canada, Ryanair is to Europe and Southwest is to America. The new Generation of Airline that returns to the core value fliers want.
    They indeed want excellence service at competitive prices. My next trip to Abuja from North America I hope is Via JFK and Arik Air.
    I hope at some point Lagos Airport can get into the system that Panama has that unless you want to exit the Terminal you don’t have to go through customs if your final destination is lets say Abuja or any of the other cities on the Arik Air Hub from Lagos.
    Transiting Panama’s international airport from Chile to Newark was indeed amazing . Lagos is talking of being an international Hub and hopefully they take the model of Panama.
    Great Blog Hani keep up the entries

    • Agreed. Solving the problem of transfer facilities in Lagos is key to future growth. Watch out for a blog entry about terminal requirements for 2015-2020 based on current growth projections for Arik Air.

  3. Personally I don’t see Arik Air becoming a budget airline similar to EasyJet, Southwest, etc. In Nigeria low-cost is perceived as inferior or unsafe. Arik needs to stay the course towards becoming a leading African premium airline.

    • Emeka I.

      I agree, plus there are plenty other carriers with 2 or 3 destinations that can serve as low cost carriers. Arik & Nigerian Eagle(if they successfully sort out their debt problem) could easily serve as full service/fare airline.

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