“Wings” Magazine Takes to the Skies

Issue #1 (Dec-Jan 2010) of "Wings" is now available on board Arik Air flights

At long last, Arik Air’s “Wings” in-flight magazine has been released into circulation aboard the airline’s domestic and international flights. The quarterly, glossy finish magazine features sections such as “Arik Zone” and travel guides. This magazine is richly illustrated with professional photography.  Voyager Media is the publisher of Wings.  I hope that they will publish it online.  This adds a whole new dimension to the onboard experience on domestic and international flights.  The efforts of showcasing the best of what Nigeria has to offer are commendable.  Well done Arik Air, more feathers to your Wings!



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8 responses to ““Wings” Magazine Takes to the Skies

  1. Tony Williams

    This truly is a well done magazine. Absolutely first class. My compliments to those with the vision to complete such a project.

  2. paul taylor

    This development for the Arik Air Passenger Experience is fantastic. I have an idea for the June to Sept. 2011 addition.
    Abuja 2018 Commonwealth Games Bid as the feature article and cover. Hopefully the Bid Committee patronizes Arik Air as much as it can .
    It would be quite an impression to have that Summer 2011 Addition promoting the bid with Voting Delegates Traveling to Abuja to Inspect the
    city prior to the vote in November.
    Keep Up the great blog Hani you are digging up some great stuff

  3. Caribb

    I don’t know much about Nigeria or Arik Air but that cover picture on their magazine is absolutely amazing! That would be something I’d love to see where ever it is… looks exciting and exotic 🙂 Good luck and success to them in the future!

  4. This is an excellent in-flight magazine. I read a really interesting article in its June 2010 edition about a book which had been written about the email scams in Nigeria. Could anyone link me to a copy of that magazine? I can only seem to get the current edition on the Voyager site. Thanks and keep publishing this excellent magazine – I’ll be flying Arik again in September! 🙂

  5. sutan rumah kayu

    arik air magazine wings makes me want to fly to nigeria immediately!its a fantastic magazine-the best i have seen!eat your heart our BA/TG/SQ

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