“Wings” Magazine is Available Online

ARIKZONE, a section of Wings Magazine published by Voyager Media

Since the last blog entry on Wings, Arik Air’s inflight magazine, the publishers have made it available for viewing online.

Positioned as a lifestyle magazine, the layout and content of the first edition is truly splendid, colorful, and cheerful.   Hopefully with the input and support of Arik Air, Voyager Media will keep up the good work, especially the focus on Nigeria’s innumerable cultural and tourist attractions.

February-April 2010 issue will feature articles on New York, successful Nigerians in London, and a South Africa 2010 World Cup special.

Perhaps Voyager Media could borrow any of these ideas for future editions:

1)        A special on Nigeria’s rainforests and its wildlife, and the latest programs to preserve them.
2)       Tech gizmos, the latest cell phones, laptops, 3d televisions, etc.
3)       An indepth guide to Accra (Ghana) which is becoming a popular holiday destination from Nigeria.
4)      An A-Z guide to becoming a pilot in Nigeria.
5)       A suggestions card.
6)      Literature section on the latest Nigerian and international books.

Why not offer the magazine in online format, linked to Arik Air’s website?



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11 responses to ““Wings” Magazine is Available Online

  1. Skywalker

    I think the link you gave “http://www.pagegangster.com/p/DBVi9//”should be “http://www.pagegangster.com/p/DBVi9/” and why don’t they just do it in e-book pdf format, it is taking forever to open. This looks like a very interesting edition and can’t wait to read it. Whenever it opens.

  2. Thanks Skywalker, I’ve updated the link!

  3. Skywalker, I have a PDF version which I believe I downloaded on that page! look for a link “Download PDF version”

  4. Skywalker

    I saw it at the bottom, a bit large (88Mb) but its O.k. thanks.

  5. paul taylor

    Well again another great article in the Arik Air Blog. seeing the pictures of the Arik Air Plane Interiors has me convinced to fly JFK to Lagos next time.
    I then have to make a point to get out into the country side when I visit next.

    • paul taylor

      I hope an achieve of Wings inflight magazines can be posted . The Photography is great. I subject matter of the articles is fantastic. I like the showing of the future routes Arik Air plans to open up. San Paulo, Beijing , Paris , Amsterdam, Houston and Dubai are very Top of the World airports. Houston especially with the George H.W. bush Airport is incredible actually and Kasa Lawal is on the board of directors of that Airport Authority.

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  7. sola Scott

    so many pple have called me for the past one week abt me being the guy on d magazine page..i wondere and searched for it
    i was scared to see “an almost me”.this guy really looks like me
    (90%)and i will like to know him.
    any lonk oor info shld pls rch me on 08182937990..

  8. If a company wants to advertise in Arik wings what does it entail

  9. Skywalker, I have a PDF version which I believe I downloaded on that … bboards.wordpress.com

  10. Hello,

    Please how does one get a feature in the Wings magazine?

    Thanks in advance.

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