Arik Air 737 Order Book (*Update*)

5N-MJQ (Delivered on Feb 23, 2010)


As of February 25  2010, Arik Air operates a total of 13 Boeing 737 Next-Generation aircraft  and a single “classic” variant.   Listed below is the 737 fleet with serial numbers and registrations.  A total of 15 Boeing 737-800s and 4 Boeing 737-900s are on order.   Arik Air’s fleet utilization rate is improving, with 2010 reported as a ‘consolidation year’ for the domestic services.  Regionally, Arik Air is poised to expand its network to other West and Central African cities this year with likely candidates being Douala, Libreville, Kinshasa, and Abidjan.

C/N Model Reg’n Notes
1750 B737-322 5N-MJA in service
2234 B737-7BD WIN. 5N-MJC in service
2248 B737-7BD WIN. 5N-MJD in service
2401 B737-7GL WIN. 5N-MJE in service
2427 B737-7GL WIN. 5N-MJF in service
2576 B737-76N WIN. 5N-MJG in service
2589 B737-7BD WIN. 5N-MJH in service
799 B737-76N WIN. 5N-MJI in service
809 B737-76N WIN. 5N-MJJ in service
855 B737-76N WIN. 5N-MJK in service
2789 B737-86N WIN. 5N-MJN in service
2819 B737-86N WIN. 5N-MJO in service
3030 B737-8JE WIN. 5N-MJP in service
3065 B737-8JE WIN. 5N-MJQ in service (delivered Feb 2010)
n/a B737-800 (15 units) 5N- Delivery 2010-2013
n/a B737-900 (3 units) 5N- N/A ?


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26 responses to “Arik Air 737 Order Book (*Update*)

  1. Jeff

    Is line #3065 actually delivered yet? Other websites have indicated that it is at BFI awaiting delivery.

    Also, does your number of future deliveries include any planes that will be leased or not bought directly from Boeing?


    • Dear Jeff, you’re right, the latest -800 is still stored pending delivery. I was under the impression it was delivered. Thanks for the notice. Hopefully the 737 delivery schedule will be accelerated this year!

  2. Skywalker

    If eventually they have all these aircraft plus the CRJ,dash8,Airbus etc where in Lagos will they park.?
    looking on the brighter side more aircraft means more jobs.

  3. paul taylor

    Skywalker I believe Arik Air is going to be expanding Abuja into a hub which would make sense considering the Geographic central location.
    A spoke and hub System in terms of what goes on in the rest of the world happens in places like Chicago, St Louis, Memphis , Denver. As a national capital centrally located it would be a natural hub to a spoke system. I know Lagos and Kano are larger in terms of Population but Abuja is certainly expanding the Airport and Lufthansa I believe is looking to Abuja being a Hub for them in the West Africa Region. Lufthansa Technik AG , the maintenance company for that airline, is supposed to be developing a Maintenance Hanger for the Regions Airlines in Abuja. If Abuja is to be an Arik hub not unlike Lagos then I could be possible that other Cities will evenly house Arik Air planes over night.
    With Akwa Ibom State having commissioned an airport which was intended to have a maintenance facility it would not be out of the Realm to have that as a possible regional base for East Nigeria.
    Exciting times in Nigerian Aviation.

    • Skywalker

      I also believe Abuja to be a better option, Abuja is expecting a new runway soon and there is plenty of space to build even a Boeing plant if Arik wants to. looking forward to handling one of their 738’s in future. Cheers Guys.

    • Di Chise

      yea, I think so too, coz that Abuja had massive unused space the day I left form Abj-LHR

      Guess pretty soon, some of the international carriers would mak more use of Abuja coz Lagos is getting crowded

  4. It seems Arik Air has cancelled its 737-900 and additional CRJ900 NextGens. They no longer appear as part of future orders in Arik’s Wings Magazine.

  5. Tobe Exact

    L/No. 2576 (5N-MJG) is actually a B737-7BD and not a B737-76N as you have in the table. Please correct the table and delete this comment.

  6. Phillips Anthony

    today at JFK, i saw the Arik Air A340-500 (lady of perpetual help). I wanted to see the passenger and cargo loads. i wasnt impressed. i counted JUST 29 passengers and only 1 baggage container came out. does Arik Air made money on this route? just 29 passengers on a big plane. i think they should go to HOUSTON or ATLANTA for better loads. not a lot of nigerian passengers at JFK.

  7. Phillips Anthony

    today at JFK, i saw the Arik Air A340-500 (lady of perpetual help). I wanted to see the passenger and cargo loads. i wasnt impressed. i counted JUST 29 passengers and only 1 baggage container came out. does Arik Air made money on this route? just 29 passengers on a big plane. i think they should go to HOUSTON or ATLANTA for better loads. not a lot of nigerian passengers at JFK. they could use the new A330-200 instead and keep the A340-500 for london heathrow.

  8. Emeka I.

    They would be better off extending the route to IAH. Better utilization of the plane and ability to sell LOS-IAH route.

  9. Phillips Anthony

    that would make it an unforgiving 15+ hrs flight. the problem with the JFK route is that there is a lot of students resident here(NY).They dont travel often unless during semester breaks. the ATL and IAH routes have traders and business men transiting. that would be a safer bet.

  10. DMan

    I am a travel agent in Nigeria and it is a hassle issuing W3 tickets for international routes. Until W3 joins the BSP platform, they will be losing sales. It just takes a few keystrokes to issue other airlines while for W3 I need to prepare a LPO and carry cash for payment into their bank account. Most customers do not have that time to waste.

  11. Tony Williams

    I flew on 5N-MJQ yesterday, Abuja to Lagos. Completely full (about 140-ish). It is delivered !

  12. Dapo

    Let me add a comment here on the JFK route.

    From the Oil industry perspective, IAH will be a fantastic alternative or addition to JFK. There is a large volume of oil workers that work rotations 28 on/ 28 off. A large percentage of these guys fly business class. A think Arik’s route manager should take a look at this lucrative option. A large percentage of us flying Delta to Atlanta are actually going on to Houston.

  13. Dapo

    A totally agree with you on the BSP. Arik needs to do that quickly. Making choices on which airline to fly is now a function of convenience. I don’t want to go throuh hassles to buy a ticket.
    I’ll also suggest they go for the IATA certification ASAP. Then other airlines can have code share agreements with Arik. The airline has the spread in Nigeria already that will attract code sharing from the likes of BA, Air France and Emirates.

  14. Dapo

    In order to open up new routes and keep them lucrative. Arik needs to explore the Oil destinations in Africa.

    Luanda is one of such. Ever since I’ve been flying that route in 2005, SAA has been suing either a 747-400 or Airbus A340-600 and the flights are always FULL.
    Half of these passengers again are from code-share partners and Star Alliance partners.

    The target are these oil workers that are commuting 28/28. They are travel between oil destinations in Africa. Air France has been capitalising on these markets for years.

    If Arik wants to make money(especially on business class), they really need to target this market. Other routes in this category are Malabo, Douala, Libreville, Brazaville and Ndjamena.

  15. Di Chise

    I flew into London after easter through Abuja on one of their Boeing aircraft, I think either people don’t like goin through Abuja or some people like me prefer flying on Airbus (I Love their Airbus from Lagos-LHR)
    I mean the Boeing flight from Abj-LHR was almost empty.
    I’m thinking of changin my route from LHR-Abj to LHR-Los just because of the Airbus, though the airbus is up for maintenance frm early may till 25 or 26th of May 2010

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  17. i prefer that they should be abetter of extending the route to IAH,better utilization and to sell los IAH route.
    as my freind has just said.
    from odubar.

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  21. This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something
    that helped me. Thank you!

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