I am a 30 year-old airline enthusiast.  I hold an MBA from IE Business School, Madrid.

The mission of this blog is to discuss Arik Air current and future strategies towards becoming a world-class global airline based in the heart of Africa.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to contact me (email is given below) and I will do my best to raise your points on this blog.  Also, Arik Air staff are welcome to send me their own contributions (and suggestions).  I promise not to mention you by name.

I am not affiliated with Arik Air in any way.  I do believe in the civil aviation sector as a key catalyst to economic development.  Nigeria is a great country, blessed with many resources.  Arik Air in particular is a company that has caught my attention since its inception.  I hope that the constructive ideas ‘incubated’ in this blog will somehow reach Arik Air management, and in the process make a contribution to an award-winning airline.

Many thanks to Arikmetics’ regular photo contributor, Mr. Ken Iwelumo, whose wonderful photography in Nigeria and beyond speaks for itself.


Hani A.
Author, Arikmetics


9 responses to “About

  1. paul taylor

    wow Hani love the blog .
    I hope we see the Trans Atlantic connection between Trinidad and Tobago and Lagos in the near future as has been wrote on the Wikipedia Arik Air Article.
    My hope is if there is a 2018 Commonwealth Games Bid that Arik Air would be the Official Airline and Trinidad and Tobago could be the gathering Airport for Caribbean and Americas Commonwealth Teams.
    It would make sense as Nigeria has a High Commission in Port of Spain.

    Keep up the great entries . Paul Taylor

  2. Hmmm, airline enthusiast? I would love to hear what you think about the (not-so) newly conceived “Nigerian Eagle Airlines”?

    • NEA, I wish them the best. It’s just that they are sitting on a mountain of debt, and the bad commercial decisions of earlier management. If they can surmount their debt problem, and bring in fresh equity investors, I believe they have a strong chance to succeed.

  3. Emeka I.

    Love the blog. Also a fan of Nigerian Aviation, especially the good work Arik is doing so far. Will be definitely bookmark this blog. Any info on their NY operations and how they are doing so far?

  4. Skywalker

    Great blog, Stuff about Nigeria is really hard to get.I am also a big fan of Iwelumo on airliners.net.I hope to work for Arik someday soon.any tips or help would be gladly appreciated.Very nice blog!!!!

  5. Emeka I

    Hope all is well, haven’t seen an update in a while.


    goodday sir,
    i wish to apply for you xmass promo to fly to lagos from abuja on the 23rd of december 2010 and has been trying your homepage effortlessly for some days now. please kindly notfy me as soon as the promo is out via my email address. march1777@yahoo.com or telephone no 08033192322.


    lanre badmus.

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