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  1. Ade

    I flew Arik, to Lagos on December 16th 2009, from New York, JFK International Airport. I must confess, my first experience was not the best considering ticket purchase procedure and check in problems. I had an excess luggage and I was told, I could only pay cash, no credit cards.
    Other than those two issues, the flight was wonderful, very generous space, seats were very nice and comfortable, and the whole crew was very friendly even though I did not get the Premier class upgrade I demanded.
    We arrived Lagos ahead of schedule and I was well rested on arrival.
    My return trip to New York was on 29th December from Lagos and it was the best flight I have being on in a long time, considering I fly as least 3 times in a year.
    Arik, has started on a very good note, keep up the good work and improve on the business side.
    The sky is the limit!

    • folafola

      Heard from friends today that this company does not pay there people at all at all. My friends work for the company and said that the pilots even foreign ones havent been paid for 2 months and the staff and passenger service aides have been striking. Plus the company has had aircraft repossed and fuel issues all over the nation even outside the nation. The peopls need to now that this company does not care at all at all what happens to you. I had thought i would like to work for this place but it sounds as corrupt as the rest. My friends said to be wary of 419 in and around this business. It is really a shame that this business has faltered…

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  2. Sudhir Bisht

    I would like to say here that Arik needs to pay more attention to the complaints lodged by its customers.
    My own complaint lodged on the website has elicited no response. A copy of the complaint was sent to its MD’s office too. The acknowledged copy is still with me. Yet No response. I wish this airlines well but really wish that you really cared about its customers.

  3. Muhammed M

    I must say that Arik started off well, but in recent times your service has really deteriorated.

    Too many cases, but one case in point was a on the 26th of November where my flight to Kaduna was cancelled and I was informed by SMS a day before, I called the help lone and was told that the flight was not cancelled and the sms was sent to me in error. Flight day I get to the airport and I am told the flight is cancelled. I ask for a refund and I am told I cannot get a refund because I bought the ticket online. (That is after making me walk between two offices abt 4 times). I ask for my ticket to be re-routed to Abuja so that I will proceed to Kaduna by road at my expense when an arik lady says

  4. Muhammed M

    that I should pay a no-show penalty (imagine the total lack of respect for customers). I really needed to get to kaduna that day for personal reasons and because the other flights were fully booked (Aero and Chanchangi). I had to pay the difference in fare. To say the least, that was terrible customer service at play (note that I have shorthened the story). Arik Air really needs to take customer service seriously because you lost a number of customers that day.

  5. Hilary

    Currently Arik air is second best for me at the moment.
    If you want to be prompt, departing and arrival on schedule at your destination, better opt for other carriers.

    In recent times, particularly between the months of March until a few days back (early July), all my flights on Arik originating and arriving at these cities; Benin, Lagos, Warri and Abuja where all delayed often times with no explanation given.

    I really think the regulatory agencies allow other carriers on the Benin-Abuja route wherein Arik is currently the only known airline. The other airline on this route can remember their name right about now is a disaster.

  6. Anthonio

    My first experience with Arik, travelling from Lagos to London puts it a considerable distance behind other carriers. The killer was when the in flight entertainment didn’t work at all. It’ll be some time before I fly Arik again despite low fares.

  7. Lucie

    January 5, 2011
    I was shocked this afternoon at the sight I witnessed at the boarding gate for an Arik Air flight from Lagos, Nigeria. A very large group of exhausted, irritated, unkempt looking international passengers were trying to get information about their flight. They looked like they hadn’t slept in days. I was catching another flight at a different gate but I had to stop and ask them what had happened. One tired gentleman told me that they had been at the airport since 9pm the night before, in order to catch their flight to South Africa at 11pm. However, when they came to the boarding gate, they were not allowed to enter the plane. They were not sure what the cause of the problem was and were not given any information by Arik staff. They were simply told not to leave the boarding gate area.

    So they sat down thinking the delay would last an hour or two and they would be on their way home. The hours dragged by. Arik Air did not provide them with any answers, nor did they offer them hotel vouchers so they could wait comfortably for the next available flight, nor did they find them accommodation at the airport, nor did they provide meals for them or even snacks or drinking water. There is no toilet in the boarding gate area so there was no place for them to even go to the restroom or freshen up. They were not even given access to the lounge area so that they could rest. Only a few of them could find seats, the rest were sitting in their business suits on the floor.

    This is how over 200 international passengers were held against their will without information, without assistance, without even food or water for more than 15 hours! It should also be noted that these TWO HUNDRED PASSENGERS were international passengers, meaning they were in a foreign country so there was no option to go back to their homes and wait for their flight information. They had no home there and had been prevented from going home for reasons unknown to them.

    It is required of every airline to provide current, up to date information to their passengers. When there is a delay that is not due to the fault of the passenger, arrangements are to be made such as hotel vouchers, meal tickets, beverages and especially access to complete bathrooms!!! These passengers are human beings – not cattle! Yet they were treated without due respect.

    This is not the first time Arik Air has behaved in a criminal matter. Many friends and associates have recounted stories of abuse at the hands of Arik Air. One business partner had his wallet taken from his seat pocket while he slept and $2,000 removed from it by an Arik staffer. He was the lone passenger in his row with an empty row both in front of him and behind him. The only one that could have bent over him while sleeping and been unnoticed would be the flight staff. A sister company of ours sent a team on retreat and when they arrived at their destination, the luggage for the entire flight had been left behind at the airport and there was no announcement made on board the plane before takeoff. But how can an airline leave all of the luggage on the tarmac and not load it before taking off?? That is incredulous! I believe if an inquiry is made, many more grievances, even worse than these, will be discovered.

    While I was discussing with the man, an Arik staff appeared and announced the flight was now running and would be taking the TWO HUNDRED PASSENGERS to their destination. When prodded for the reason for the delay, the staffer reluctantly informed them that the delay was a lack of fuel in the plane!

    This is outrageous and completely unacceptable. They have abused their position as an airline and their directors, managers and staff are not fit to run something so sensitive as an airline. We place our lives in the hands of airlines every day, trusting them to carry us safely from one location to another with our lives, our luggage and our decency in tact. Arik Air violates all of these trusts. Serious action should be taken to prevent our citizens from finding themselves trapped and abused at the hands of Arik Air.

    • Kehinde Gafar

      I am writing on behalf of my father of the dreadful experiences he has had with Arik Air. Flying on a return journey from London Heathrow International to Murtala Muhammad International Airport Lagos,his flight was delayed for 24 hours until he could actually get to Lagos! Also,my father had to make an onward journey to Ikorodu.

      They probably did the same thing on the return even though he had another long journey to Southeast London.

      This is not the only incident I have heard about Arik Air. One flight from Murtala Muhammad International Airport Lagos to New York John F. Kennedy Airport that there was no air conditioning so if people could find sheets of paper or newspapers or books,they would fan themselves. The plane was still on the ground but they were not allowed to leave the plane.

      Allah bless all the victims of Arik Air incidents.

      This behaviour is by all means unacceptable
      To all customers who have booked with Arik here is some advice:CANCEL YOUR BOOKING IMMEDIATELY AND REBOOK! For Nigerian flights,choose Aero or Chanchangi. For international flights, choose British Airways, Virgin,Lufthansa, Royal Air Maroc, Qatar,Egyptair, KLM,Air France, Delta ,United, or Emirates

      I hope Michael Arundemi-Ikhide can see this so he can consider pleasing Arik Air customers FOR ONCE!

      • Kehinde Gafar

        Also,to make matters worse for my father, he is the CEO of a Nigerian based cargo business in Mushin. Which means he has to get to Lagos.
        Never fly with Arik Air. They should be banned for their service

  8. Joyce

    I am writing to complain about your service on a flight on Wednesday, 27th April 2011 which was scheduled to leave Abuja at 11.10am.
    Upon arrival at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport on the said day, I was checked in and the time for boarding on my boarding pass was given as 11:40am. No explanation was given for this change in schedule.
    In fact, all passengers on this flight were made to sit at the departure lounge until 12.45pm when boarding commenced. When we were airborne, the pilot informed us that we were going to Lagos to pick passengers before proceeding to London. No one had informed us of this change in schedule prior to our departing Abuja. We arrived at Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos at 13.50pm. We were made to sit in the aircraft from then onwards on the pretext that we were waiting to pick passengers.
    After a couple of hours, we were informed that we were waiting for the aircraft to be refuelled before we could depart for the United Kingdom. We did not depart from Lagos until 17.10pm. We did not pick up any passengers but picked up some luggage which was apparently a spill over from an earlier flight on the same day. We were not served lunch in all that time whilst we waited on the aircraft.
    The catalogue of bad service did not end there. On board the flight, there were no ear phones to listen to the in flight entertainment, the blankets we were provided with were smelly and had probably not been laundered for a while. Of course as is now the custom with Arik, no airline kit was provided.
    We arrived at London Heathrow at 23:36pm, six (6) hours behind schedule. There was no ground staff to receive us. For those of us who had onward journeys to other parts of the UK, there was no arrangement for our accommodation in London and we were left to fend for ourselves. Fortunately, I was able to contact a relation in London to spend the night with it was now not possible to continue to Leicester as earlier planned.
    I incurred an additional charge of £65 for my taxi fare in London as there were no trains leaving Heathrow at that time of the night.
    It is not the first bad experience I have had with Arik but it will certainly be the last. In my opinion, your airline will be out of business very soon because you clearly do not know how to run a business properly. My advice to anyone planning to use Arik is DON’T even think about it.

    • Kehinde Gafar

      My father flew to Lagos from Heathrow on the 4th of December, 2016. If I could choose flying on Arik Air or the worst airline in the world, I would choose the worst airline in a heartbeat.In fact, I wouldn’t choose the worst airline because that airline is YOU! First of all (ignoring the fact that they delayed the flight to by 2 hours and 35 minutes), they used a Boeing 737-86N for a 6 hour flight!(meaning no in flight entertainment). Their fleet consists of an Airbus A340-500, one of the longest passenger planes and an Airbus A330-200. Secondly, the plane was overbooked from yesterday’s flight (the effect of using a small plane) which caused a knock on effect the next day. So there was not enough space for the plane to carry any bags. They were lumped together and sent on the next flight. Third of all, half of the air conditionings didn’t work. And apparently they use the best technicians. However good the Premium Business class looks, it is worse.

      How can these people work for Arik Air and not do anything about this. And even Med-View Airline, a smaller company, can use a Boeing 747 and A330 to go to London. I hope you stupid Arik Air people feel ashamed of yourselves.

      • Ifeanyi Ezechukwu

        Hello Kehinde. Please contact me on I work for a claims company and can help you process a refund for nothing less than 450 Euros. Unacceptable behaviour like this warrants compensation at least.

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  10. Alaba Martins

    I flew Arik to Lagos for my Father’s burial and left Lagos for New York on the 16th of December, 2013 along with my Sister. Suffice it to say that I would never again, board any of Arik’s flights. The hosts on my trip home on the 7th were a most disrespectful lot; on my way back, it was the hostesses turn to exhibit wanton disregard for the passengers. I believe these individuals took the fact that they have a job for granted. My Sister was also of the same mind. I shall henceforth fly to Nigeria through Europe.

    • Kehinde Gafar

      The airlines that fly through Europe is:Lufthansa(Frankfurt Terminal 1),British Airways(London Heathrow Terminal 5),Alitalia(Rome Fiumicino Terminals 1,3*),Air France KLM***(Paris Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2 Hall E [operated by Air France] , Amsterdam Schipol Departure Hall 1,2,3** Gates B,C,D,E,F[operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines) and Virgin Atlantic Airways (London Heathrow Terminal 3.

      *Alitalia no longer flies to Nigeria from Rome Fiumicino
      **Amsterdam Airport Schipol has a one terminal concept
      ***Air France KLM is a Franco Dutch airline company in SkyTeam

      • Kehinde Gafar

        These airlines should be used to reach Nigeria through Europe without the hassle and annoyance of Arik Air

  11. Oluwafunminitemi Oluwadare

    It is with great dissatisfaction that I write this. I was booked to fly to Lagos from Yola, Adamawa State on an Arik Airlines flight. The flight was moved from 1pm to 5pm with no official announcement. Passengers had to hear and pass the information to each other. This is my first experience with Arik as I have avoided it for a while haven heard several complaints. It is ridiculous that a major airline with a history of incompetence and customer dissatisfaction seems to be doing absolutely nothing to redeem it’s reputation. It is as though the customers do not matter. There are several incidences such as this. A lack of communication makes any situation worse. It’s advisable that Arik works on their public relations as well as their services. Such mediocre behavior is contributing to the “great Nigerian problem”. Corporations treating people with no respect.

  12. lola

    Arik air is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. An international flight been delayed for over 12hrs. It’s the craziest thing I can think off, especially when they are losing or don’t have any info to gv you ant your flight. I suggest they close down really.

  13. arik air ticket staff are more or less THIEVES. for u not to be swindled by them do not pay through their P O S ,bcos it may debit u many times with the full knowledge of the ticketing staff. ASABA TICKETING STAFF AT THE AIRPORT IN ASABA ARE CULPABLE.



  15. John Evwierhoma

    I am very disappointed that several emails sent to you gave not been acknowledged. Also the telephone given by your staff at Murtala Mohammed International1 Airport in Lagos is ringing without answer. I thought you were a reputable airline and as a Nigerian living abroad I tried to be patriotic and have used you frequently even when I could have used any of your other competitors. I put in a claim since my last trip Abuja -Lagos -London when I paid my way flying on another Domestic Airline from Abuja to Lagos to catch my onward flight to London as you did not operate your flight that day. I would appreciate your acknowledgement of this email and advise details of who to write to.


    John Eveierhoma.

  16. John Evwierhoma

    I am very disappointed that several emails sent to you have not been acknowledged. Also the telephone given by your staff at Murtala Mohammed International1 Airport in Lagos is ringing without answer. I thought you were a reputable airline and as a Nigerian living abroad I tried to be patriotic and have used you frequently even when I could have used any of your other competitors. I put in a claim since my last trip Abuja -Lagos -London when I paid my way flying on another Domestic Airline from Abuja to Lagos to catch my onward flight to London as you did not operate your flight that day. I would appreciate your acknowledgement of this email and advise details of who to write to.


    John Eveierhoma.

    • Ifeanyi Ezechukwu

      Hello John,
      Sorry to hear about this whole situation. It is still not late to claim over 450 euros compensation from Arik for your cancelled flight to London. I work for a professional claims company, Contact me on as soon as possible please. Guaranteed compensation payouts with no fee, until your compensation is received.

  17. Bola. Olatidoye

    My experience with Arik Air was beyond horrible, flight was delayed for about 12hours with no explanation, eventually about boarding there was trash in the plane the bathroom stunk . The hosts were very unfriendly with attitude. Flying Arik was flying in pain . I will never fly Arik again and will tell anybody that listens about my experience. I hope this comments will generate some improvements.

    • Ifeanyi Ezechukwu

      Hello Bola,
      Sorry to hear about this whole situation. Was this an international flight? If yes, It is still not late to claim over 450 euros compensation from Arik for your cancelled flight to London. I work for a professional claims company, Contact me on as soon as possible please. Guaranteed compensation payouts with no fee, until your compensation is received.

  18. Abigail Mordi-Williams

    While on a flight from Port Harcourt to Lagos. My bag that was checked in good condition was destroyed beyond description.

  19. Abigail Mordi-Williams

    While on a flight from Port Harcourt to Lagos. My bag that was checked in good condition was destroyed beyond description.
    I need my bag fixed else this would not end here. You are responsible for proper handling of customers baggage.

  20. Abel egbita

    I flew arik air to sokoto on friday 5th and returned today Sunday 7th via a return ticket. On reaching airport I was told my booking was for Saturday and was made to pay an extra 15, 654. I have the details of the earlier booking for Sunday and they refused to look at that. I must recover my money and all by what ever means possible. Apart don embarrassing me, I was made to pay for what I already paid for. My passenger ref no is EUXJ2F

  21. Rt. Hon Marshall Stanley-Uwom ( JP ) Deputy Speaker, RSHA

    A complaint about Mr Joseph( manager at your abuja counter )

    This annoying incident occurred on Friday 12th February, 2015. My ticket no, (7252107820474) for arik 11:00 am flight abv-phc. I arrived the queue at about 10:25. I observed a lot of shunting and behind the counter activities. When I finally got to the counter, to my utter dismay the said Mr Joseph, who appears to be coordinating the racket told me I can’t make the flight. My horror was that he could look me in the face and say I just arrived. Other staff who noticed that I was patently on the queue could not utter a word. This is very bad for your corporate image. My programming for the day is ruined. Thanks to Mr Joseph.
    You need to instill orderliness and security cameras to monitor your staff .We mustn’t all jump queues or engage in behind the counter racketeering. It is disgraceful.

  22. Joel

    arik is is the worst airline on earth. I will make it a personal duty to encourage people to stop flying arik air. Been here at the airport since 6am because my flight w3 640 to owerri was for 7:45.

    It’s 9:08 now and we are still here, due to operational reasons. Just because you need to get more passengers.

    Remember no brand is too big to fail and the customer makes the brand. I will repeat it again that I will encourage people to stop flying arik air

  23. Barikis

    Dear Arik Team,

    I just flew into Abuja from Lagos on Arik W3 720. There was no delays today. However, I am dissatisfied by the actions of one of the cabin crew members (only male crew member, dark and tall) I heard a passenger on the same row (19) as me but on the right side demanding an apology as cockroach had entered his cloth while he was sitting. I heard that then exclaimed what did you just say? He repeated that cockroach entered his shirt on the plane. I began to panic as I am katsaridaphobic. I have extreme phobia for cockroach. I started shivering on the spot and my breathing became abnormal. I asked him to provide me with another seat. He just yelled, you can sit anywhere. I hurriedly moved away from seat 19 then asked again where can I sit, he yelled anywhere without even looking at me. Other passengers showed me another seat as I was panicking. I felt uncomfortable till the aircarft landed in Abuja. I complained the cabin crew supervisor she apologised but didn’t want to give me the name of male crew member. The guy is insensitive and lacks ability to show empathy. In addition, he was also rude to the passenger who complained about the cockroach entering his shirt. I do not think he has the personality to be a customer facing staff. In order to fish out this staff, today’s date is Tuesday, 5th April 2016. The flight was W3 720 from Lagos to Abuja (7:00am). The pilot was captain Nicholas.



  24. Nick

    Very useless people! I wonder why people still fly with them and worst of all they’re most expensive.

  25. E udo

    Before take off, we sat in the airplane with no air-conditioning. Everyone was sweating. When the air finally came on, there was a huge fug of smoke in the passengers cabin that caused us panic because we thought there was a fire incident. Afterwards, no one came around to explain what just happened to us. No sanitizing wipes or towels was provided before serving food. The food served was horifying and appalling. One passenger toilet was not accessible because it was broken and sealed. I presume it’s been in that condition long before we came on board the plane. The hostesses on board the palne appeared like individuals hired by the road side to sit for the real air hostesses. There was nothing of them, not the body language, smile, nor the ability to assist, was anything close to a trained hostess. Not one thing!
    It was a long and agony flight from JFK airport to Lagos.

  26. Harish Jagathalan Nair

    With heavy regrets i would like to express my gredge and disappointment regarding the service of arik airline.Me and my family had booked flight from lagos to cotonou on 5th may 2016. (booking referance 5TRNWT).Flight tome was 12.15 .We reached aorport by 9.30 am ,my kids are small and have 4 piece of luggages.Once i reach boarding counter after luggage inspection your staff informed that the flight is been rescheduled tp 4 pm.I went and requested your staff help to arrange small facility to take care of my kids. They did not supported and also used lots of harsh words and insulted.your officer told that we are not here to take care of customers and do what ever you want.Now me and my family with 2 small kids sitting on top of my luggages in front of arik check in counter..O don’t understand this is the way Arik has trained your staff to provide service to passengers.And we have not recieved any communication regarding tge changes.
    I request somebody’s help to resolve this issue.
    my contact number:08150682701

  27. Amaka

    I commend Arik Air for being the airline that delivers the WORST service to its customers while charging a premium.

    I have had several bad experiences with Arik, bordering on delayed flights, that it has become the norm. However the experience of 6th May 2016 tops it all.

    My flight from Lagos to PH was secheduled to board 5.30pm, but we never got to leave Lagos until 10.10pm.

    We had waited until 5.45pm when we where informed that our flight will be delayed till 8.45pm (3 hrs).

    By 8.44pm our flight W3 755 was announced to have landed/arrived; up untill 9.20pm, we were yet to receive boarding instructions.

    It took tha agitation of passengers and our demand that Arik gives an explaination for the delay, before our boarding passes were hurriedly checked and we were driven to the tarmac.

    On getting there, the crew were still fuelling the vessel and we were not allowed to board.

    While still waiting for the doors to be opened, the skies opened up with a heavy downpour. Inspite of the rain we were left out there drenched clothes, luggage and all. All this happened without an apology. Rather we were receing instructure barked at us, as if we were a bunch of illegal immigrants caught at a country border.

    The doors were finally opened at about 9.40pm. And the miserable passengers, dripping wet from the torrents boarded the plane, with some of us shivering with cold.

    As if that was not enough, there was altercation between two of the passengers and the crew. There was no professionalism in the manner it was handled. The crew were speaking harshly to irate customers who were already in distressed from what the airline put them through.

    We didnt get to take off till 10.10pm, with no appreciable apology from the crew.

    We arrived PH around 11.00pm and I had to board a cab through a lonely, deserted PH ( dead in the night) with my heart in my mouth for fear.

    I eventually got to a hotel and checked in around 11.00pm in a city that I am not familiar with.

    I have replayed this incident severally in my head, especially the fact that there was no apology from the Arik staff; and have taken it as a good scenario to narrate in my teachings on customer service.

    Will I ever fliy Arik again…NEVER except for my return flight to Lagos which I had already booked( and I am dreading the anticipated experience).

    I am now a great and active “de-ambassador” of Arik. I preach to any one willing to hear and through any forum that people should fly other more reliable airlines who have their customers at heart, rather than Arik.

    And I have also branded them the worst airline ever.

  28. Sarr Lo


  29. Chidi

    It is so sad that Arik Airline should be providing such poor service and still be allowed to fly. 95% of feedback I have gathered from travellers on both local and international flights are negative.

    Please is there any other direct flight operating the JKF / Lagos route?

  30. Jim

    I departed from Malaysia on the 5th June, 2016 on Etihad Airways based on my flight scheduled I was to arrive Lagos by 8am on 6th June, 2016 and hence I booked my round trip ticket with Arik which was scheduled to depart from Lagos by 11:15am and arrive in Kaduna by 12:15pm on 6th June, 2016 and return on 16th June, 2016 (After much consideration of other airlines, I felt Arik being the most expensive would provide better services).

    However, It has been the worst experience flying, an airline with no courtesy of updating its passengers of its flight delays, series of episodes unfolded starting from my at Lagos, at the domestic airport an agent advised me he was to assist to check in passengers (he was in-front of the check in counter) hence I gave him my passport to check in and after he completed that He handed me the passport and boarding pass and requested for a payment of 2000 Naira. I was shocked and asked for what? He claims it was for his “services”, I had no choose but to pay.

    After which I went to the lounge awaiting my flight, the whole purpose of my visit to Nigeria was to visit my sick mum, whom had been admitted for weeks. It was just few mins to the scheduled departure time when the airport announced a 1 hour delay in the flight departure. I then had to wait to 12:15pm, after a long wait it was now 12:10pm and again no announcement or updates on the flight. I waited until about 12:45pm and still no update, so I walked up to ask the receptionist at the lounge if she had any idea what was happening or where was the Arik office so I could inquire, to my greatest shock she adviced me to just wait that its normal with Arik. My family at this point where already waiting for me at Kaduna, I had no sim card to advice them on the latest development. I was beginning to get upset, and had to wait up until about 2:30pm before the announce was done for boarding. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

    I boarded the flight from Lagos at about 3pm and landed in kaduna after transiting via Jos at about few mins after 5pm. My family ended up waiting for more 6 hours at the airport. I was thinking that was the end of it, then the stupid call center team sends an email after I have landed and gotten home to say that the flight will be delayed??? Like seriously, for Christ sake of what Good is that information to me now after already going through that ordeal.

    Here I was thinking that was now all over, only to find out that my return flight which was scheduled to depart from Kaduna on 16th June, 2016 was cancelled and the new flight time was on 17th June, 2016 by 2pm. There was a reason why I booked for 16th June, as I was having a connecting international flight back to Malaysia on 17th June by 9am. I tried calling the customer care service on +234(1) 279 9999. I came to understand this is a persistent behavior from your airline The number never goes through I then went to the branch office at Hamdala Kaduna only to meet a lady who was literally giving me her memorized response for cancelled flight and jumped to advice for refund, I had to tell her I chose to fly with Arik you cant just compel me towards a refund without offering me other suggestions. I then had to ask if the flight can be rescheduled? she said yes it could but the closes city was Abuja and I will have to pay additional taxes of over 12000 Naira. I couldnt believe this is actually an option and a process a so called “renowned airline in Nigeria and across Africa” will have such a crappy process. I then asked how long the refund will take and her response was ” I dont know”. At this point I just had it all, Now i had to book a new one way ticket with my departure date as 16th June with Medview (which for the record is WAY BETTER than Arik) with no delays, better baggage, new seats and clean aircraft and ofcourse better services.

    Arik air Management ought sit the hell down and watch how other do it better i.e Medview Airlines. The whole experience was just a nightmare. At this point I have no idea what is happening to my refund, FYI I need that processed Immediately, I am also happy to share my feedbacks to the top management of Arik Air and the media.

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    Arik Air online ticket booking and flight schedules contact 07039008067 for assistance.

  36. William

    Arik is the the worst airline ever, alway delayed, been in the airport for 10hrs and they just keep extending the departure for stupid reasons, there is no day where Arik has been on time, late to arrive and late to leave. They brought us water in small cups and plantain chips for compensation, cheap shit! I will never ever fly Arik again and I will keep spreading the word! Customer Service is way too poor, people sleeping on the airport floor waiting for this stupid flight!

  37. Ranjith Pillai

    I flew with your airline on August 12, 2016 between Lagos and Benin, Seat No 13 c on W3 620Y. My checked in luggage was damaged and this is the third time the same incident is happening. I enclose Picture of the damaged bag, baggage tag, and ticket was send to the customer care there is no response from them. Mail was send to MDs desk still no use.

  38. Fatima

    On monday 29 of august ,I had the worst experience so far I actually thought Arik had changed being kept in the airport without adequate information about the flight eventually around 5:30 pm we boarded via jos to Kaduna good ride Lagos to jos but we got to Kaduna we never got to land ,nobody to land the plane because there was nobody in the control tower we were on air for like 15 minutes in Kaduna but the pilot had no choice but to fly back to lagos .The experience was terrible if there was a rating less than zero I think that should be their’s.
    InAdequate information in their management is poor . My family where left in kaduna with tension until they heard my voice Arik management u don’t risk peoples life like that.

  39. Barbara

    I struggled to buy my ticket to benin this morning and I chose your airline despite my doubts because of its 7.30am promise. Only to get to the airport to hear it has been moves to 9.30am!!!!!!

    Why can’t you be a reliable airline!!!!! It’s horrible and this heartening. … I am so upset I have some items with me which is crucial for a wedding in asaba this morning. – I chose the 1st flight to benin so that I could make it to asaba on time

    You are so so unreliable so unreliable I will never board an Arik flight again!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER

    I am truly pained!!!!

  40. Anonymous

    This horrible and annoying experience with Arik flight happened on the 28 November 2016 when I bought a flight ticket for lagos to PH for 1500PM. I got to the airport and checked-in by 1400PM.

    The flight was postponed initially to 1700PM and now to 1900PM.

    This is so unfair!!!!!

    I have biz in PH for God’s sake!!!

    All of Arik’s complain line rang ones but was disconnected!!!!!

  41. I took connecting flight from Nigeria to Philippines, first leg was arik airline from Nigeria to Johannesburg but to my greatest surprise arik airline came 4hrs late. Before we arrive johanessburg my connecting flight is gone. I tried contacting the arik customer service but for there whole day, there was no responds, arik airline dissapointed me so much and I will appreciate if there is a compensation for my new ticket.

  42. Austin Egbuko

    I checked in 5 bags in arik air and i only recieved 2 bags and three of the other is said to be in South Africa but i am in Lagos nigeria I think they don’t even care. They give us a number to call but it is going straight to voicemail. Arik air must fall

  43. Babs

    Worst airline ever! My mum ,a 76years old woman was to board an Arik flight from Lagos to JFK for the 25th December 2016.They left their passengers stranded at the airport for 4 days without food and accommodation. No explanation was given for this delay. Eventually the flight for 25th left on the 29th. Such horrible treatment from the airline.#nomorearik

  44. david onukazi

    For everyone involved in international delays with Arik check this link out. I got my money back in compensation with them.

  45. Chanel

    Arik sucks,they keep postponing their flights with no valid reasons,even last week 4th of February 80%of the passengers’ luggages did not arrive,am surprised that a direct flight can do such thing,my partner is waiting for his luggages,they keep saying,havent arrived disappointed.

  46. tochi

    nothing encouraging on this blog and i opened this blog to find out if the bad news i heard about arik air had changed. it seems that the company either does not listen to feedback from customers or they don’t just care.

  47. Stephanie onwuarolu

    Arik air cancelled my flight in December and have not refunded my family or me to date. The responded in February stating they endeavour to refund but no action as of yet.

  48. Amah Erch

    I used Arik to Abuja from portharcourt for the first on time on the 4 of April this 2018.5 pm flight .to arrive 6pm.before I made up my mind to fly arik I read alot of negative reviews .so I wasn’t expecting much felt I made a mistake because I was an early bird .to my greatest suprise 4.47 they announced arrival of our flight . Hmmm I was still watching to confirm my findings 4.50pm we were asked to line up.Ah ah sharp sharp I said in my mind cos I was expecting delayed flight by 5pm we were all settled in the plane .to be sincere the inside of the plain was so clean nice 2 rolls 3 perseat .I even wanted to take pics so as to reduce the negativity online and encourage plenty like me .who might be scared after reading them so that’s how I landed about 6.10pmmm 4 of April this 2018 .no problem my luggage was intact all in one peace .so I think they have changed the seats where ok and neat so fellows maybe u should try arik again I don’t know if I should release the flight number but for security let me swallow chill pill will release on request.

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